Issue #9 - New Black Market, RIP Flash, Gen Z Report, Supersonic Jet, Banking for Rich People, Jenevieve, & Tobi Lou

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October 19, 2020

📰 News

💊 Meet the next generation of digital black markets for illegal drugs

🕹️ History of how Flash (RIP) changed video games forever

🎹 Interview w/ Porter Robinson on the creative process

🙈 Art: “Free WiFi. Network: goodluck

🎞️ The 100 animation sequences that shaped the future of the field

🌎 Perspective: We are small & insignificant creatures

📰 "About a quarter of all U.S. adults (26%) say they get news on YouTube" from Pew Research Center

🤳 TikTok is the Gen-Z LinkedIn, and who would have thought normal jobs go consistently viral

🏦 Killer Mike started a black-owned bank, and business is booming

🦓 Zebra IQ's 2020 State of Gen Z Report: The lines between creator and consumer continue to blur

💡 100 Startup Ideas from The Generalist. (Our favorites are 2020 Myspace, Stripe Atlas for Co-ops, and Streamlined Metaverse, Magic Eye)

🇺🇸 The end of the American internet by Ben Evans

🎧 Here's an in-depth profile on Daniel Ek, founder, and CEO of Spotify

🤯 Here's a piece from Scientific American on how unlimited information is changing our society (Hint: Consumers and producers are but one.)

👾 Discord's journey from alt-right and gaming to the mainstream

🛍️ Pinduoduo is redefining social commerce through team purchase and games ($PDD)

🕺 Burning Man will never be the same

❌ The Day Malcolm X Was Killed by The New Yorker

🚓 In the age of polarizing politics & tech, Palantir is the golden boy

💀 The truth is we're probably living in tech dystopia now

🌱 Human corpses as soil and pee as fertilizer

🍄 First of many...A magic mushroom company goes public

⏲️ Climate clock ticks towards our doomsday

🔞 Here's a piece on Robolox's war on porn

💳 Stripe: The Internet's Most Undervalued Company by Packy McCormick

🕹️ Products - All-in-one bookmark manager

Boom XB-1 - World’s first independently developed supersonic jet

mi:nu:ti:ae - The anti-social media project

Pacaso - A model for co-ownership of homes

TBR - Tailored book recommendations, literally

Patent Drop - Weekly newsletters sharing patents

Letter - Thoughtful conversation via an exchange of written letters

2021 Planner - Be more with less

Roboflow - Computer vision made easy

Poolside Mobile App - Vibes for your cellular

Hellolandlord - Fight shitty landlords

Letter - Banking for rich folks

Medical Bill Art - Fuck medical bills

Writer - Grammarly with style

iOhouse - Off the grid, modern-concept living space

🎧 Music

Jenevieve - Baby Powder

tobi lou - Darlin'

PSICODELIC by Sunni Colón

KAMAUU - MANGO (feat. Adeline)

MadeinTYO - Money Up feat. Toro y Moi

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