Issue #8 - Cash App & Hip Hop, Free Markets Destroy, New-New LinkedIn, Creator Controllers, Pharrell, & ROMderful

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September 18, 2020

📰 News

🎙️ Cash App's hip hop connection is fr

🧱 Free Markets Destroy - A project from the Washington Policy Center

👺 This 2010 presentation from SoftBank's Masayoshi Son is big dick energy

🔫 Fornite threw an Epic shot at the fruit we all love to hate

👑 Here's an NYT profile on WeChat, the super app of super apps

🗒️ On the heels of Roam Research buzz (not a note-taking app apparently), here's a neat essay on what's missing in note-taking apps

🇯🇵 Visual report of Fukushima approximately one decade later

😷 Amidst the demand, PPE is redesigned, and a new service for face mask recognition

🐖 In false prophet fashion, Elon destroys naysayers and builds tools to control minds (one day)

🕺 No surprise that TikTok is redefining remixes, but a big surprise that they're being sold to Oracle

🗝️ Arctic World Archive is on a mission to preserve data for the next 500 years

👀 From Luckey, the inventor of Oculus, an AI surveillance military drone that pushes us one step closer to a state-controlled society

👄 The latest in deepfakes are advancements in lip-sync

🤖 A Primer on Algorithms and Bias from Farnam Street

👾 Virtual artists, like LoL's K/DA, are the future of music

🇰🇷 Who would have thought K-Pop would conquer Algeria too

🎵 The 41 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2020 by Pitchfork

🍜 Everybody knows where to go to get the best cheap food when they travel to a new city (Hint: Chinatown)

📁 Winamp skins are such a vibe

🕹️ Products

Loupedeck - Physical control consoles for creators

Polywork - The New-new LinkedIn

Hourone - Synthetic characters as a service

Fluent - Learn French while you browse

Diffbot- An AI scraping the whole web whose customers include DuckDuckGo & Snapchat

Bulletin - Wholesale marketplace for indie brands

Ready - A new type of calendar

Dropbase - Turn spreadsheets into live databases

Here - Creative video workspaces

Stir - Tools for creators to run better businesses

Nuggs - Tesla of chicken nuggets

Clover - Digital notebooks designed for creatives

Podcastle - Convert news/articles to a podcast using machine learning

Localingual - Hear voices from different countries across the world

Fey - A beautiful tool for traders and investors

🎧 Music

Pharrell Williams - Entrepreneur ft. JAY-Z

ROMderful - "Tired of The Games" ft. TOBi

Adam Snow - 9 to 5 ft. Freddie Gibbs & Tedy Andreas

Disclosure, Kehlani, Syd - Birthday

Choosey & Exile - Low Low ft. Aloe Blacc

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