Issue #7 - GPT-3, Cult Brands, Designer Costco, Ugly Vegetables, Burna Boy, & Purple Disco Machine

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August 17, 2020

📰 News

🦾 GPT-3 will steal your job and your girl (or guy)

🙏 How to create a cult brand

🔍 How to find anything on the internet

📚 How to summarize & distill books

✉️ How to build your own newsletter empire

👵 Boomfluencers - Grandma lit fam

🎮 Pitchfork’s list of their favorite video game music soundtracks from the past 20 years

🗞️ Thoughts on the past, present, and future of newspaper advertising

⚰️ There’s a startup for that: Cremation, wills, funeral planning, tombstone design, and more

⛪ We call it JesaaS

👊 The ultimate community-created fighting game is upon us

👕 Yes, it’s possible to make a $1 million dollars selling thrifted goods Depop

🐺 Trends #0027: Million-dollar, one-person businesses by Dru Riley

🚴 How Uber turned JUMP into mounds of recyclable trash

🖼️ Researchers from MIT and Microsoft create a new algorithm to find hidden stylistic connections between paintings

🪑 Here’s a primer on contemporary decor for you West Elmers

🏎️ The future of racing lies in gamers

🧑‍🚀 Subculture of the Month: Randonauts

🏘️ Yeezy shelters dropping soon

🐦 Teen charged in hack while Twitter aims to go subscription-based

🌌 It takes 110 people to colonize Mars

🥑 God bless Zillenials, the true internet generation

📺 20 documentraies from The Guardian to explain 2020

🌀 Fast Company’s 2020 list of the most creative people in business

💡 Chindōgu: Building a useless invention empire

🧠 Powerpoint activism goes viral

🕹️ Products

Brek - Retro-tech streetwear

Plausible - Privacy-friendly analytics

Artifact - This American Life for everyone

Airr - Highlight your favorite podcasts

Contra - Future of freelance

Ditto - Update copy from one place

Misfits Market - Buy ugly produce

Italic - Costco for Alexander Wang

MakeSpace - Collaborative browser

Unclaimed Baggage - Buy unclaimed baggage

Their Tube - Recommended Youtube videos from different perspectives

Headlime - Copywrite like an expert

LALAL.AI - Extract vocals and instrumentals

WindowSnap - Look outside someone's window

Macro - Better Zoom meetings

🎧 Music

Burna Boy - Wonderful

Purple Disco Machine - Love For Days

IDK & A$AP Ferg - Mazel Tov

beabadoobee - If You Want To

Octavian & Skepta - Papi Chulo

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