Issue #21 - AI Boxing, DAO-Owned Characters, Lab-Grown Meat Truths, Cocaine NFTs, Stopping Facebook, Radicle, Utopia, Replica, Nasdisc, Tame Impala x Lil Yachty, _BY.ALEXANDER, EYEDRESS, & ize

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October 19, 2021

📰 News

🧠 A look at simulated environments that enable AI models to crawl, run, and box

🎥 The rise of community-owned (DAO) characters and IP in a web3 world

🥩 The unfortunate truths of lab-grown meat

⬜ Selling one ton of cocaine in NFTs

🛋️ The story of the collective, idyllic Airbnb that was never was

🏴‍☠️ The history of Opensea, and recently, alleged insider NFT trading by its head of product

👾 Supreme Gameboy for jacking cars

👜 Why high end fashion brands are getting into NFTs via video games

✨ "The idea of “vibes” discourages the more difficult work of interpretation, foregrounding the idea of affect as inexplicable, ineffable"

💜 Learn how to run your own small social network

🛑 Fight for the Future launches a campaign to stop Facebook

🐦 If Plato could tweet...

📸 In the social media age, we've all become celebrities

🗳️ The age old question of governance, but now for the Metaverse

🖼️ Vienna museums create an OnlyFans to exhibit censored art

🦥 An essay on the laziness of generative / procedural NFT art

🆔 Genesis is marketplace for stolen digital identities

🎮 The hardest things about making a video games is making video games

📍 On the multibillion dollar industry for phone location data

📺 A well thought out list of anime recommendations

🎭 The art of stand-up broken down by data

🧫 Beautiful petri dish mold art from Moscow-based artist Dasha Plesen

🙈 The power of memes to influence everything

💰 Pandora Papers reveal shady international trusts hidden right in good ole middle America

👀 A write up from the VP of Engineering at Youtube on how its recommendation system works

💾 Scientists want to copy paste human minds into computer chips

🏎️ Coolest cars from the 70s ranked

🔗 Why hyperlinks are blue according to Mozilla

💣 How Dune foresaw modern warfare

🕹️ Products

Radicle - Code collaboration meets web3

lofi - Build your own lofi vibes

Utopia - Payroll platform for DAOs

Minus - A finite social network - Your Spotify profile on steroids

Replica - AI voice actors as a service

Electric Aston Martin DB6 - An electric version of the classic

Kickstroid - Sneaker price prediction and news

Meanfi - A self-Custody, permissionless & trustless bank

Context - Easily track the wallets of NFT collectors

Metaphor - Language-model-based search engine - AI gaming assistant that helps you get better

Nasdisc - A StockX style marketplace for vinyl records

Coinfeeds - Track crypto info through their website, API, Slackbot, or Discordbot

Muse - 3D website builder

2cents - An Ethereum protocol for internet communities that turns users into ‘network owners’ when they post valuable content

Jupe - Buy your own a glamp


Tame Impala, Lil Yachty - Breathe Deeper (Lil Yachty Remix)


_BY.ALEXANDER - le merveilleux résumé

River Tiber - Acid Test


ize - This Is Not A Drill


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