Issue #20 - WTF is Loot, Telosa Utopia, History of Telfar, Meme Economy, New Pixar, Koodos, Upshot, Coinvise, Kalshi, Peach Tree Rascals, anaiis, & Yeek

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September 19, 2021

📰 News

⚔️ WTF is this Loot thing and what does it mean

🥷 A video covering every fashion reference from the DONDA album release

👜 Telfar launches a TV show

👘 Good artists borrow, great artists steal and this rings true especially for today's high fashion

💊 The Matrix is back with a new trailer

🤖 The final movie of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series released last month, 26 years after its introduction

🎥 Invisible Universe is building the next Pixar by being social media first

💡 Interview with Alvy Ray Smith, the founder of Pixar, his perspective on the future of pixels

🔌 Lamborghini resurrects the iconic Countach as an EV

🍎 Apple looking to reveal its own car by EoY

🛻 Rivian becomes the first to market with an EV truck for $60k+

😂 A primer on the meme economy and how crypto plays into it

💾 Disenfranchised hobbyists movement take it back to self-hosting

🇨🇳 What American apps can learn from Chinese podcasting apps

🥁 Why Distrokid is unicorn

💿 The moral dilemma of posthumous music releases and Aaliyah's relevance today

🔊 Kendrick Lamar announced his final album w/ TDE

📻 3LAU launches a new blockchain music company, Royal, after finding success in tokenizing his own works

🌆 Marc Lore, founder of, partners with architecture firm Bjarke Ingles to build a more equitable utopian city

🧬 Billionaires invest into a secretive immortality lab

🎤 CodeVox, build on OpenAI's Codex, allows you to speak your apps into existence

🦾 Elon teases new Tesla humanoid robots

🧠 5 reasons why AI will not take over the human race

🌀 We all exist and see our world within controlled hallucinations

🦣 A new company launches to bring woolly mammoths back to life

☮️ There's a museum that holds the world's largest collection of LSD blotter art

🚇 The influence of IRAK, NYC's legendary graffiti crew

✊🏿 OMCA's latest exhibition focuses on the afrofuturism movement and how it has evolved from its early days as funk aesthetic

♻️ Undercurrent launches in NYC as an immersive art event addressing climate activism

🖼️ Interview w/ BT on art in a world of AI and blockchain and what this NFT generative art movement is all about

📺 Why Netflix wants video games to be its next frontier

🎮 The story of Playdate, the beautifully designed video game console from Teenage Engineering

🕹️ Products

Metaplex - Build and own your NFT storefront

DONDA Stem Player - Yeezy Tech x Kano

Basedash - Basedash makes your database editable, collaborative, and protected

River Runner- Find where the river flows

MobileCoin - Private payments for everyone

HydeFM - Online DJ sets

Zooniverse - People-powered research

NFTPort - Stripe for NFTs

Playbyte - TikTok for Gaming

Kalshi - Trade on events

Livepeer - Open-source video infrastructure

Upshot - Real-time NFT appraisals from experts

Koodos - A community for curators

Coinvise - A full stack platform for creators and communities to build and pperate tokenized communities

Airport - Discover TestFlight apps


Peach Tree Rascals - Popeye with AG Club

Baby Keem - issues

anaiis - chuu featuring Topaz Jones

Yeek - Lumbago

Ragz Originale - ring out .f/ 24hoursav

Tom Misch - The Wilhelm Scream [Quarantine Sessions]

Cuco - Under The Sun

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