Issue #19 - History of Kanye’s Mask, OnlyPlans, Creator Crisis, Legacy of GTA V, Steve Jobs NFT, Sam & FTX, Metaverse E-commerce, Personal OS, DIY Laptop, Teezo Touchdown, CHOKER, & Quelle Chris

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August 19, 2021

📰 News

🎭 Digging into the history of Kanye's mask

🍑 OnlyFans starting to ban porn on its platform

✨ When passion leads to a creator crisis

🍎 Someone did an NFT auction of Steve Jobs' job application

🎮 Why GTA V has become the most influential game of all time

💱 Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX moves different

🐈 How Stoner Cats are redefining Hollywood through NFTs

🆒 Tumblr wants to monetize and YikYak is back

🎥 Travis Scott's deal with A24 marks a new future for brand partnerships

🗳 Former Facebook employee whistleblower shares her harrowing story about political manipulation

🇫🇷 France gives its youth a culture stipend

🎙 Hip Hop's interesting relationship with crypto

🐄 Fugitive founder of Farmville clone on the run with $80m

⚰️ A.I. brings love back from the grave

📹 Frederick Wiseman shares the art of documentary filmmaking

🤥 Disinformation for hire

🤖 Boston Dynamics' Atlas is now hardcore parkour

⌨️ Hacker who stole $600m from Poly Network is returning it in exchange for work

🔭 Space is the next marketing frontier

📺 Research finds little evidence that the YouTube recommendation algorithm is driving attention to radical content

🏖 Miami launches its own coin to eliminate homelessness and fund police force

🚇 Sounds of subway trains around the world

♻️ What it means to build a sustainable internet

👟 History lesson from Fragment and the Godfather of Japanese streetwear

🕴 The cultural stories behind emojis

💰 Gen Z changed personal finance forever

❤️‍🩹 How to justify Millennial nostalgia

🕹️ Products

Tricycle - Design with AI

And vinyly - Press your ashes into a vinyl record

Urbit - A personal designed OS for P2P - Streaming platform for finance, investing, and trading

Halter - Future of cattle farming

Yarn - Serach for video clips from movies, tv, and music videos

Quinn - Audio erotica

Framework - DIY laptops

Helium - Wireless network powered by the people

Machinations - Game design platform for rules and mechanics

Do U Have - Reverse local marketplace

Moonbeam - Tiktok for podcasts

Liveblocks - Add real-time collaboration to your apps - Universal emoji identity - Metaverse e-commerce platform


Teezo Touchdown - Mid

AUDREY NUNA - Long Night

Quelle Chris - Sudden Death

sam gellaitry - duo


Pa Salieu - Block Boy

Leon Vynehall - 'Movements (Chapter III)'

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