Issue #18 - Project Pegasus, Metaverse Biz, AI Anthony Bourdain, Counterfeit Fashion, WyomingDAO,, BeReal, Nothing ear(1), BADBADNOTGOOD, Hamond, and Marcus Yates

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July 20, 2021

📰 News

🌐 Project Pegasus is collaborative research effort to expose a major ongoing hack where spyware sold to authoritarian regimes was used to target activists, politicians and journalists

🔮 A primer on what businesses that exist within the metaverse could look like

🍳 The director leveraged AI to simulate the voice of Anthony Bourdain in his latest documentary "Roadrunner"

🧵 Counterfeit fashion finally breaks through

⚖️ Wyoming recognizes DAOs as a legitimate entity

🇲🇲 K-Pop fan clubs becomes leading activist group reporting on Myanmar's military junta

💿 Ye hosted a private listening event for his latest album

🛐 What makes a cult a cult

🎮 Valve releases a console to replace them all

📰 An outlook from Google on American news media

🖌️ Deloitte report on the creative economy

🔏 Privacy and ads business models are due for a complete seismic change

🕹️ Axie Infinity created a blockchain-based video game that created a whole-ass economic system in the Philippines

🧠 Brain implant kills pain in real-time

🔎 There's a lot of esoteric shit on Wikipedia and this Instagram shares just that (see also Amazon and Craigslist)

🚀 A space-mining startup announced they can mine ice on the moon through controlled rocket blasts

🎹 A scarf that doubles as a midi keyboard is a part of a new wave of e-textiles projects

⚰️ MSCHF shares a list of iconic dead hardware startups

🍿 Netflix enters the metaverse

💻 Adobe doing Adobe things

🌲 A window into the future of national parks impacted by climate change

📻 The hip hop song fueling protests in Cuba

📈 Matthew Ball announced an ETF specifically focused on the metaverse

🎲 An essay on how free games have a natural forcing function to create addicts

📺 11 Laws of Showrunning

🕹️ Products

Maybe - Financial tools for the regular people

Bereal - Social network app with time limits to share

Nothing ear (1) - A new type of wireless earbud drops in collab with StockX

Botisimo - Sidekick chatbot for streamers

Songfinch - Order personalized songs

Tribute Brand - High-end, cyber fashion brand where you can layer pieces on top of your photos

Mars Genesis - Claim your parcel on Mars

Parker - eCommerce CFO-as-a-service

Secured - Private paid community for access to sneaker bots, drop links, and raffles

Brainbase - Easily file a trademark

Ephemeral Tattoo - Tattoos that last a year

Rap Trading - Rap trading cards

Human Hotel - Airbnb with host experiences

Plan B Passport - Get a second citizenship for crypto tax breaks

Gembah - End-to-end product development platform for anything from eyewear to toys to furniture and more


BADBADNOTGOOD - Signal From The Noise

Vince Staples - LAW OF AVERAGES

Oneohtrix Point Never - Lost But Never Alone

Pink Pantheress - Break It Off


Wesley Joseph - Thrilla

Marcus Yates- FORT

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