Issue #17 - Create DAOs, State of Tech in Africa, Ross Ulbricht from Prison, Rise of Independents, CALA,, Beyond, Isaiah Rashad, Destiny Rogers, and Saint Lyor

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June 20, 2021

📰 News

🌐 Learn how to create, run, and grow a DAO (w/ inspo from $FWB)

🆓 “I want you to understand what it means to lose your freedom.” -- Ross Ulbricht, Bitcoin Conference Miami, 2021

🌍 A detailed introduction on tech in Africa

🦾 The rise of businesses-of-one and liquid super teams

♻️ Follow the end to end plastics supply chain from initial investment and finance, to production and final country of impact

🕹️ Inside the industry of video game cheating-as-a-service

⭐ Contra releases their first annual State of Independence report of insights on how independents are redefining the future of work

💾 50 of the Internet's greatest moments so far

👾 Game engines that enable NFTs and other crypto economics are on a fundraising tear

🛍️ Brands want to fight back against Amazon through 3rd party consignment

🎧 Interview w/ Jonny Shipes of Cinematic Music Group (Joey Bada$$, Nipsey Hussle, Big K.R.I.T.) on building the Supreme of music

🖼️ The irrational mystery of the golden ratio

👟 Communities fight against sneaker resellers

🍭 The psychology to what sneaker colors you choose to wear

🎞️ Her story inspired A24's latest movie, but Zola shares her own story

🍚 Helping define what Asian American music is

🔉 Sound design in software and where Slack notifications go from here

👺 Anonymous targets Elon Musk for trolling

🐦 India's love-hate story with Twitter

📺 Deep dive into the growing Retailtainment movement

📱 A quick guide to social media in rap

🍌 Turn unsolicited dick pics into NFTs

🕹️ Products

Cala - Build an end-to-end fashion house, remotely - Enable fans to donate "gas money" w/ crypto

Beyond - Discover content curated by real people

Statmuse - AI-powered search sports stats and soon stats on anything

Whatnot - Live shopping for collector communities

Ghost Knowledge - Request essays you want to read from people who write or don't write

Nouns - Generate pixel NFT avatars

Historico - Find out what happened today in history

Poparazzi - Instagram but your friends are paparazzi

Only You by Spotify - Understand your strange listening habits

Forte - Building end-to-end solution for token-based game economies and NFTs

Blitmap - Create one-of-a-kind NFT artworks, fusion style

Foundation Devices - Next-gen hardware wallet to securely store your Bitcoin

The Drivers Cooperative - Driver-owned ridehailing cooperative in New York City

Instructables - DIY Ikea furniture hacking


Isaiah Rashad - Headshots (4r da locals) Visualizer

Destiny Rogers - West Like ft. Kalan.FrFr

No Rome - 1:45AM ft. Bearface

L'Impératrice — Peur des filles

Saint Lyor - Gossip

Paranoid 1966 - Dime si te quedas

Show Me The Body - Arcanum

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