Issue #16 - Unethical Thrifting, Equalizing the Internet, James Turrell's Crater, Cozy Consumer Social, Adulting-as-a-Service, New-New MTV, Body Meat, Yves Tumor, & Stevan

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May 18, 2021

📰 News

👒 What no one talks about enough is the unethical side of the boom in secondhand fashion and it means for those who needed it most

🆓 A piece on getting back to the mission of the internet being a great equalizer

🌑 James Turrell has been building an observatory inside of a crater

🆔 What the future of online identity looks like in Web 3.0

💰 How CryptoPunks (the OG NFT) created a cult of elitist crypto investors and tech personalities

📈 Introducing Bitclout, a place where your online reputation might be worth something

🗺️ A map showing where the popular Wikipedia’ed people were born, lived or connected to

🎹 An AI was tasked with making songs in the style of musicians who died at the age of 27 — poetically named Lost Tapes of the 27 Club — in support of mental health awareness

🙅 Inside the business of online slander-as-a-service

📢 The power of news content creators is unmistakable

📨 Crypto finds adoption amongst migrant workers for remittances

🍑 OnlyFans global expansion opens doors for many across the world

🍔 Life Lesson: If you want to hack McDonald's (or finally get that McFlurry), be sure to come with the bag

👽 The life, times, and future of Reddit

🕹️ Black gamers pioneered eSports with fighting games in the 90s, but segregation still exists in the world of professional gaming

🎥 A piece on what entertainment companies look like in 2021 and what it means for up-and-coming franchises

🚀 The SpaceX Starship isn't just taking us to Mars, it's much more than that

🛰️ A review of Starlink and a tool to help you see the satellites in action tonight

🤫 Sleepminting and what it means for crypto-counterfeiting undermining the value of NFTs

🛋️ Inside the world of render porn or 3-D generated interior design and architecture made for social media

👜 Gucci enters the Metaverse

🧱 What happens when everything is a subscription

🕹️ Products

Geneva - A cozy app for group chats

Dashblock - Turn any website into an API - Tumblr meets Myspace meets Figma website builder

Here Before A Million - Bringing back late night MTV vibes

Macro - Virtual experiences for teams

Postmodern - Anonymous, short, ephemeral conversations with others

Generated Photos - Play with your face

TOSDR - Grading Terms of Service from company websites

Radiooooo - Musical time machine

Say It - Visualize related subreddits

Orbit - A community building CRM app

Alchemix - Unlocking your future yield through synthetic tokens

Freecycle - A network of people giving away free stuff

Drive & Listen - Listen to local car radio across the world

Lomi - Turn food waste into compost

Carbo Culture - Carbon sequestration startup tackling climate change

Realworld - Adulting-as-a-service

Movie of the Night - Figure out what to watch

🎧 Music

Body Meat - ULTIMA


Yves Tumor - Kerosene!

Stevan - Onyx

Rocketman - Orange Coffee

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