Issue #15 - CodeMiko, Underground Netflix, Satanic Panic, Open-Source Nose, Rent-to-Buy Art, Dj Screw Doc, Hacker Tamagochi, BROCKHAMPTON, Paris Texas, & Mustafa

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April 18, 2021

📰 News

📹 Introducting CodeMiko, a Twitch streamer, digital persona, and developer blurring the lines of reality for her fans and pushing the Metaverse conversation forward through her use of a motion capture suit and world development

📺 Video streaming platforms take on new, weird, and oddly comforting form with Eternal Family, a Netflix for underground artists

👃 A Microsoft program manager built an open-source artificial nose that can detect smell with the help of artificial intelligence

😈 Lil Nas X really out here, Nike settlement, and Satanic Panic

🤟 The science behind the human love for music

🇧🇷 Esports' boom in Brazil creates hope for economic mobility to the favelas

🎮 Valve’s new employee handbook given to every new team member is speaks the company culture like no other

🛋️ Therapy apps compete and struggle to provide the care their marketing promises

🧠 From Sam Altman, YC & OpenAI huncho, believes AI will create "phenomenal wealth" for all as it joins the workforce, but policy will need to follow for equitable distribution, and if both align, we will see an elevated standard of living like never before

👾 Discord in talks to sell-out

🐈 Remember The Internet and the importance of memorializing the internet we grew up in as more of it disappears

🚚 Inside the world of Amazon brand flipping

📟 A quick guide on starting a new country

🎤 A deeper take on Clubhouse from Wired

🎛️ An interactive map of #1 songs in 3,000 places across the globe

🎸 Comparing live music vs recorded music with data

🌌 Explore the works of David Rudnick, an up-and-coming digital aesthetic-bending, artist, graphic designer, and NFTer

🎨 The impact of Bob Ross's art through a data-focused art gallery

🦄 A wiki for aesthetics is necessary in a world of aesthetics

📀 Speaking of ever-changing aesthetics, Y2K is back in a new form

🖨️ 3D printers finally get biodegradable printing capabilities

👟 The otherworldly influence of Pharrell Williams on fashion, style, and beyond from Grailed

🐺 Overwolf, a platform for building and selling apps that are used on top of games, raises $52.5m to become the Youtube for creating apps and mods

💉 Stanford scientists reverse engineered and published Moderna vaccine on Github

🕹️ Products

Pico - The operating system for creator businesses

Cents - Buy and sell tweets

Parlor - Rent to own art

Yerb - Creativity in a can

Halo: Combat Evolved - Buy a share of a Wata 9.8, A+ sealed copy of the classic Xbox game

DJ Screw Documentary: Chopped & Screwed - Invest in a documentary on the life and legacy of DJ Screw

Friends With Benefits - A tokenized online community supported by their own social tokens ($FWB)

Fluent - Learn languages by browsing the web

Column - The information network for topics - Create a unique, intelligent, GPT-3 powered and interactive version of your digital asset

Mini Tokyo 3D - What Google Maps should look like

Artlist - License music and SFX for projects

June - Simplified product analytics reports on top of Segement

Camo - Use your phone as a webcam for video calls

Overwolf - Download and use apps on top of your favorite games

Flipper Zero - Tamagochi for hackers

Streamlabs - All-in-one live streaming software

🎧 Music


Paris Texas - FORCE OF HABIT

Mustafa - Air Forces

Nilüfer Yanya - Crash


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