Issue #14 - Ownership Economy, Signaling-as-a-Service, Design for Irrational, Catalog, Alt, Kanye 2049, Lo Village, Black Pumas, & reggie

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March 17, 2021

📰 News

🌐 Social tokens enable cooperative models of business, powered by communities or just one, and giving way to the coined "ownership economy"

📶 That moment when you realize almost everything is signaling and software amplifies the message

🎨 "Designing for the average person is just a race to the bottom" — Here's a concise framework on building consumer products (@sorenwrenn is a B3BOP community member 🎉)

✨ Analysis on today’s youth culture, otherwise the Era of Monomass

🔪 "A new digital kitchen can be opened in an urban center for $50,000, roughly 5% of the average cost of a regular restaurant."

📈 The Generalist turns one of their coverage reports into an NFT via Mirror

🤟 NFTs are disintermediating platforms from creators to getting them back to their core fans, artist respond on how NFTs are influencing their careers, and Scott Belsky shares his take

🧪 But, the current NFT craze is likely a bubble that will become more evident as hype dies down...

🏀 High school basketball takes on a whole new form as Overtime offers top athletes minimum $100k salaries

🎹 Steve Stoute discusses UnitedMasters and a future for indie artists

🖼️ How Art Arrived At Jackson Pollock by Nerdwriter1

🧱 What is creative composability?

🍿 Movie-worthy business story about Mormons and tycoons conning governments out of millions

👖 A quick history on UNION, the iconic streetwear brand and retailer

🐦 You can buy Jack Dorsey's first tweet ever

👟 Sneakers have become an asset class that has created the careers of many resellers, but Nike relationship has been tumultuous to say the least

💭 Scientists can now hack into lucid dreams

🐰 Neopets was WSB before WSB

🔥 One somewhat unorthodox way to create value in an NFT is to buy a unique physical asset, mint an NFT, and burn it

🪑 “If we could have fabricators for everything that we think in our lives, do you understand how great life would be?” — A look back at Pharrell's venture into chair design

🕹️ Products

Catalog - Open markets for music (Built by @brownsvgar, a B3BOP community member 🎉)

ktt2 - Kanye To The 2

Kanye 2049 - The password is the title of any Kanye album

Alt - A portfolio management app for alternative assets

Collabland - Tokenize your community

Showtime - Social network for NFTs

Texts - One inbox for all messages

Maple - A beautiful family management app

Four Sigmatic - A trending mushroom coffee

Special Project - Onlyfans buy everywhere

The Fascination - Discover curated DTC products

Create/OS - Record deal simulator

MetaHuman Creator - Design hi-fi 3-D humans

Nothing - Honestly nothing, but well funded

Unloved - An aftermarket for subscriptions

🎧 Music

Lo Village - Lost in America

Black Pumas - Colors

Navy Blue - Higher Self



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