Issue #13 - Cryptomedia, Cult Films, Voltaire House, The Great Unbundling, Public APIs, Deschooling Society, Same Energy, Freddie Gibbs, Pinegrove, & Hope Tala

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February 15, 2021

📰 News

⛓️ What is ‘cryptomedia’?

⛏️ The Great Unbundling by Ben Evans

📽️ A list of the top 50 cult films to grace the world

₿ The story of Voltaire House, an Argentinian hacker house that produced some of the most valuable crypto projects

🌐 What is this ‘Metaverse’?

⚛️ Kevin Kwok on tapping into the right level of abstraction with atomic concepts to build products that win

📈 Notes on the future of Ethereum from Vitalik Buterin

🔮 Emerging cultural trends based on 30+ reports

🍏 You can blame Apple for preventing an internet revolution

🎮 "Game design is such a multidimensional activity that large chunks of the discipline remain unknown territory, even after having shipped many games."

💱 Difficulty in valuing the GDP of the digital economy

👀 Mexico City, where surveillance doesn’t help

🏛️ Telegram continues to grow as it onboards heads of states

🎛️ The moderation war continues as it spreads to new platforms

📱 A look at Infobar, Japan's most iconic mobile phone

📍 Nextdoor is redefining the local media landscape

🎙️ How much does Kid Cudi hum?

💡 ARK Invest: Big Ideas 2021

🍄 Psychedelic stocks are getting gassed up

🕹️ Products

Clay - A beautiful and comprehensive personal CRM

Black Bean Grocery - Asian American online DTC grocer

Kinopio - A very kawaii / cutecore knowledge tool

Public APIs - Find public APIs to use

Beam - A new, browser built with conviviality in mind

Uizard - AI-powered design tool & assistant for non-designers

DALL-E - OpenAI’s neural network that creates images of text

Gods Unchained - A P2E (Play-to-Earn) game powered through NFTs

Kingdom Supercultures - Designed microbial communities that produce the world’s first 0-calorie fermented soda, beers with new flavors, and new yogurt-like smoothies

Seasons - Rental service for designer men’s clothing

Yotta - Saving through playing the lottery

Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich - A still relevant book written in 1971 that critiques the role and practice of education in the modern world

Same Energy - Visual search engine powered by deep learning models similar to CLIP by OpenAI (created by a former OpenAI engineer)

Public Domain - Virgil Abloh’s desktop

Recompose - Become soil when you die

Millions - A startup raised money to give it away

🎧 Music

Freddie Gibbs - Gang Signs (feat. ScHoolboy Q)

slowthai, Skepta - CANCELLED

Pinegrove - "Amperland, NY" - The Movie

Hope Tala, Aminé - Cherries

Khruangbin - Dearest Alfred (MyJoy) – Knxwledge Remix (Official Video)

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