Issue #12 - Issa Rae the Mogul, Fintech Primer, "Free Game" from Virgil, 2021 Tech Trends, Side Hustle Tools, DTC DIY Renovations, Bakar, Goth Babe, Kali Uchis

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January 15, 2021

📰 News

🎩 Issa Rae is a modern mogul

🧰 Primer on what you need to know about the fintech infrastructure

🆓 “Free Game” from Virgil Abloh on how to launch a brand and more from his new website

📈 Tech Trends for 2021 by Spacecadet

👣 How Mimetic Theory is the basis of all things Peter Thiel

🌀 Startup tackling opioid addiction through wearable ketamine

🎭 5 Life Lessons for Dave Chappelle

📣 Here’s an a16z piece on the resurgence of social products

🌚 How do we feel about trust fund socialist activists?

🍄 We always come back to mushrooms

🐦 A supreme Twitter thread Onlyfans' growth and where they're headed

🌎 Jeff Bezos has a $10B Earth Fund and just named the first and latest recipients

🧪 Time's list of the best inventions of the year in 2020

💌 GPT-3 writes love letters

🖼️ A deep dive into images as a concept - “Aesthetics have become one of the most political weapons we have”

📖 All technology platforms are becoming learning platforms

🛒 Shopify predictions on the future commerce and a review of marketplaces in 2020

🔊 The science of sound

🚜 How Farmville (Zynga) changed the world

🧑‍🎤 TikTok’s influence on Music in 2020

🕹️ Products

Outfit - DTC DIY renovation kits

Rarible - Buy, sell, trade NFTs galore

Surrogate - Play video games in real life

Tequila Matchmaker - Find what distillery your tequila came from

MainSt - Business owner as a service

Side Hustle Stack - Tools for side hustles

Geneva - Build a cozy community

Cashdrop - Sell anything instantly

Welcome - Run Apple-style virtual events

Neon Life - Artificial humans everywhere

Screenity - Run your own free Loom

Substation - Run your recurring subscription

Diaspora - Run your own decentralized social network - Natural emotive high-quality faster-than-real-time text-to-speech synthesis with minimal data

Hijack Social - Replace feed ads with to-do list items

🎧 Music

slowthai, A$AP Rocky - MAZZA

Ichon - La Vie | A COLORS SHOW

SZA- Hit Different x Good Days

Bakar - 1st Time

Goth Babe - Moments/Tides

Kali Uchis, Jhay Cortez – la luz (Fín)

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