Issue #11 - Future of Journalism, Cartel TikTok, Atlanta the Capital of Culture, Blockchain Youtube, Electric Classics, Royalty Marketplace, Kid Cudi, Jim-E Stack, & Channel Tres

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December 18, 2020

📰 News

✍️ Interview w/ Chirs Best, co-founder and CEO of Substack (what this newsletter is built on), on how they aim to redefine journalism

🔫 Cartel TikTok is poppin'

🍑 Atlanta is the culture capital

🤳 Understanding TikTok & Bytedance

🌐 A look inside the world of selling and trading domains

🇲🇲 What it's like building tech in Myanmar

🔞 Pornhub recently purged millions of videos from its database, but can it prevent the exploitation of children?

🚜 2-acre vertical farms > 720-acre flat farm

🎮 Genshin Impact made $400 million in just the last 2 months

🌞 These solar panels hit different

👁️ What comes after smartphones? by Ben Evans

🔍 What we've all been waiting for, Google's Year in Search

📚 How to simplify books into formulas

🪖 "A Muslim prayer app with over 98 million downloads is one of the apps connected to a wide-ranging supply chain that sends ordinary people's personal data to brokers, contractors, and the military."

🍎 An example of when BigCo gives in: Apple reducing its App Store cut to 15%

🇲🇽 The Mexican super app you probably didn't know about

📈 Thanks to Lil Nas X, Roblox will IPO to the moon

🎤 Parler, the free speech social network, gets cosign from prominent conservatives

🖼️ The Rise and Fall of Internet Art Communities by Kelsey Ables (Artsy)

🪙 Interoperability and composability within Ethereum

📺 Anime's role in the streaming war

🕹️ Products

Odysee - Youtube built on top of a blockchain protocol

Radio Garden - Listen to stations from across the world

Zero Labs - Turn any classic into an electric vehicle

Royalty Exchange - Buy and sell royalties

WikiFactory - Collaborative CAD platform

Startupy - Community-powered database for startup knowledge, organized associatively

Stripe Climate - Carbon removal with each transaction

Stripe Treasury - Banking-as-a-service

Monet Dating - Gen-Z dating app centered on drawing

Zoox - Amazon's latest self-driving acquisition, billed as mobility-as-a-service

PoolTogether - Play a lottery you never lose

Roboclaus - Run a virtual Secret Santa

OnlyFams - Private community-as-a-service

User Leap - Continuous user research platform

Relativity - Redefining how rockets are built

Vowel - Video conferencing tool for better meetings

🎧 Music

Kid Cudi - The Void

Jim-E Stack - Can We feat. Kacy Hill

morray - quicksand

Channel Tres - Skate Depot

KAYTRANADA - Look Easy (The Short) ft. Lucky Daye

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