Issue #10 - $100 Counterfeit iPhones, Future of Audio, New Ringtones, Creator Asset Classes, Voice-to-Code, AG Club, & Jean Dawson

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November 16, 2020

📰 News

📱 Breakdown of a $100 counterfeit iPhone X

🔥 Cool data viz video on the last 25 years of the Gartner Hype Cycle

🎛️ Where audio in tech is headed by Matthew Ball

📻 "We'll soon see more hip-hop and R&B artists specialize in certain areas, just like they did with ringtones.”

🌎 The digital transformation of Latin America

🧪 The science behind food pairing

🔄 Conspiracy: Have you heard of the Great Reset?

💻 Don't mess with U.S. government: NPR piece on how the U.S. hacked ISIS

📜 AI can now decipher lost languages

🛌 LOL: 52 Stages of Insomnia

🐋 Magic Leap: We all got sold on the hyperrealistic AR humpback whale

🆓 "Not only have average levels of freedom (or democratic quality) been declining globally and in most parts of the world, but the pace of democratic breakdown accelerated and the number of democratic transitions declined, particularly in the past five years."

😲 What Makes You You? by Tim Urban

💱 Scathing Profile on Justin Sun of Tron and BitTorrent

👁️ Deepfakes are hitting a tipping point, specifically w/ AI-generated nudes of women and underage girls

🔒 Profile on Moxie Marlinspike, Signal Founder and Privacy Crusader

🧠 State of AI Report 2020

🆔 How Clear is owning your identity, starting with the airport

🎲 What are the chances that we live in a simulation?

🦓 A perspective on the Gen Z aesthetic

🇯🇵 Long-lived institutions: "In a survey of 5,500 companies over 200 years old, 3,100 are based in Japan."

🏠 Nextdoor's battle of local misinformation and polarization

🚕 A big move for flying taxi company Lilium, securing deal w/ the City of Orlando

🍄 Oregon becomes the first state to legalize magic mushrooms

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 How to build your own $1mm ARR niche online community

🚀 Elon makes the rules on Mars

🕹️ Products

Tesla Tequila - Only $250 a bottle

Pipe - Recurring revenue as a new type of asset class

ClipDrop - AR copy and paste

Engageli - A better type of learning platform for students and instructor

Zora - A crypto-driven marketplace for creators to launch products and participate in their second market value

Serenade - Write code using voice

Hopin - The biggest platform in virtual events rn

Anything - Create 3D worlds with your voice

River - The internet distilled for you

Genies - Avatars-as-a-Service

Astere - DTC contemporary wallpaper

Ynsect - Bugs for all

Dimensions - All your important dimension measurements in one place

Bubbles - Looms meets Figma comments

Yearn Finance- DeFi made simple

TextSniper - Screenshot text recognition

Google URL2Video - Turn a web page into a video

🎧 Music

AG Club - Columbia

Smino - Donny Outthaway

Dominic Fike - Vampire

Devilish - Jean Dawson

MadeinTYO - Money Up feat. Toro y Moi

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