🤠 Newsletter - Issue #4 - May 2020

Musings on the future of art, technology, & culture.

May 15, 2020

📰 News

💣 10 inventions, full of regret

🌱 Nature is a teacher that keeps on teaching

⛰️ From Farnam Street (and aligns with a presentation given by Ben Evans): Innovation doesn't occur in a vacuum and knowledge compounds — We're all standing on the shoulder of giants

🖱️ Figma + Spotify Design

🤳 Being an influencer in the time of recession

👔 Mapping of the 'Future of Work' startup ecosystem

💰 Podcast w/ Jason Calacanis on risk

💔 Humanizing tale on a successful, but sick startup founder from Wired

🏝️ Salesforce is creating an economy model through AI and an Animal Crossing-esque world

🐀 Banksy creating masterpieces from his toilet

📦 A look into the world of dropshipping

👺 An Illustrated Guide to Masked Wrestling by The Pudding

✊ Real stories from real people in the COVID economy

🚜 Urban, vertical farms are becoming a thing

🙄 Clubhouse, lets talk about it

📈 The GOAT, Mary Meeker, on coronavirus trends

📺 Deepfake & the future of commerical advertising

🪀 15 objects that defined 2019

🌵 Travis Scott is Gen Z hero

🍄 Midnight Gospel is the best animated series I've watched in long time

🕹️ Products

Boot Boyz Biz - Thought-provoking, reseach-inspired streetwear

Material Bank - Building material marketplace

AR Copy Paste - From real-life to your computer screen

Dilla Donuts Tee - Dilla changed my life

The Great Mental Models: General Thinking Concepts Book - By Farnam Street

Bored Solutions - Stuff to do if you're bored

A to Z of AI - Friendly primer on AI

Online Town - MMO meets Zoom

Wattpad - Sell your stories

98.css - Design system takin' it back

Synthesia - AI-edited videos

Grain - Enhance your Zoom experience

Boomer Email - Weekly email from boomers

🎧 Music

SiR - John Redcorn

Snoh Aalegra - Fool For You

Giveon - THE BEACH

MF DOOM - One Beer


Jacob Collier - All I Need

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