🤠 Newsletter - Issue #2 - March 2020

Musings on the future of art, technology, & culture.

March 16, 2020

📰 News

📦 The Death of DTC (Link 1 & Link 2)

👁️ A perspective on the Future of Synthetic Reality by Betaworks

🔫 Mobile phones potentially linked to the decline in murder rates and gang wars

💿 CD sales still make up 78% of music revenue in Japan because of rewards

📻 Why songs are getting shorter from a financial perspective

🔬 "Imagine being able to hear exactly what’s under the hood of any piece of recorded music."

🗑️ Biggest technology failures of 2019

🤷 1 Youtube video and 6k AR glasses sold, here we are...

🤳 Wtf is a 'Content Collective'

🦠 Coronavirus' impact on businesses and visual history of pandemics

🌐 Three million students at US schools don’t have the internet at home

⛏️ The oldest companies in almost every country

📺 Balenciaga's Dystopian Newscast

🏫 Lambda School wants all the smoke

🎮 How Figma’s multiplayer technology works and other workplace collaboration startups

✈️ Spirit Airlines, the bane of of cheap air travel, deserves respect

🤑 Did you know Shopify handles $60bn in sales on its platform?

🗺️ Google Maps draws borders based on who's asking

💍 How pawn shops work

💸 #CashAppFriday me

🕹️ Products

Botnet - Social media platform simulator

Blynk - Build IoT apps

Booklets - Bite-sized learning

Scroll - A no ads future for online publishers

These Lyrics Do Not Exist - AI-generated lyrics

Armslist - Craigslist for guns

Parabola - UX + Data Tasks

Voiceflow - Build voice apps and experiences

AI Dungeon 2 - Text-based game built on OpenAI

Familiar - Deepfake a GIF

🎧 Music


Flume feat. Toro y Moi - The Difference


Kaash Paige - 64’

Rex Orange County - Pluto Projector (Live)

Thundercat - Dragonball Durag

Deb Never - Stone Cold

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