🤠 Newsletter - Issue #1 - February 2020

Musings on the future of art, technology, & culture.

February 16, 2020

📰 News

🔮 Tech in 2020: Standing on the shoulder of giants by Ben Evans

☠️ A list of the 30 most evil companies

🍄 AI + Mushrooms + China

🧠 Just because an AI beat you at Starcraft, doesn't mean it's actually smarter than you

🔦 Accenture Fjord Trends 2020

👁️ Fight against manipulated media (Sponsored by Facebook)

🏠 Airbnb can predict if you're a psychopath or not

🏛 Lawmakers and activists are proposing a public Venmo to help millions of unbanked New Yorkers

💻 From 2D to 3D, new neural network frameworks enables AI to develop 3D models from 2D images

🗣 Peter Thiel's Religion by David Perrell

👀 An ex-model invented a tool that could end your ability to walk down the street anonymously

🎞 "We are now in the mature stage of a book-to-film boom that is quietly transforming how Americans read and tell stories, and not for the better."

📹 The Intellectual Property Question of TikTok Dance Videos & Viral Content

📜 “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” — Aldous Huxley

🚸 What happens when kids get AI-generated ‘Risk Scores

🔥 Bangers brought to you by Excel On Da Beat

📍 Artist trolls Google Maps with a wheelbarrow full of phones

🗣 Profile on MSCHF, originators of the Jesus Air Max 97s

🔪 I’m betting on fake cloud kitchens becoming more prevalent

💭 How does Facebook Advertising actually work?

🎮 Reasons why Gaming is the real industry we’re all after

🕹️ Products

Byte - Vine 2.0

Elliot - Sell & ship globally, faster, without coding

Memberstack - Memberships & gated content for any website

Cinelytic - AI platform built for the film and entertainment industry

Are.na - Build simple, visual collections by adding links and files of any kind

Descript - Create and edit videos and podcasts using a word processor

Quibi - Streaming content wars are not over

Next! Fitness - Gyms of the future

🎧 Music

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - C-Side


Baby Keem - Orange Soda

Dayglow - Can I Call You Tonight?

Dijon - CRYBABY :*(

Brent Faiyaz - Fuck the World (Summer in London)

Kaytranada - 10%

Brittany Howard - Stay High

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