🤠 Newsletter - Issue #5 - June 2020

Musings on the future of art, technology, & culture.

June 16, 2020

📰 News

💻 Online events suck and we all know it

🤯 How does it feel to be in the middle of the biggest psychological experiment in history?

📈 A founder's story of how his project got acquired in 6 months

🖤 Powerful piece on Black art inspired and produced by a 'Trayvon Generation'

🗡️ Talk about biting the hand that feeds...Amazon uses its sellers' data to private-label competing products

Tesla was not a car, but he was a machine

🌑 Taika Waititi deserves his Star Wars debut

🔮 The Vice Guide to 2030

🍺 "When John and Leo started The Chive, their goal was to create a curated website for viral content that they could eventually sell to The Onion. (They tried, too, offering themselves up for $300,000. The Onion flatly refused.)"

🪑 Documentary: Chair Times, A History of Seating – From 1800 to Today

🌀 Forget pandemic, here's 9 other disasters that experts don't think we're ready for

👾 Wired profile on the 25 year old hacker who saved the internet from WannaCry, but still got arrested

🌎 Here's a great piece from Packy McCormick's Not Boring newsletter on the difference between Shotcallers & Worldbuilders, followed by Worldconnectors, and how it all connects to defining the future

🧠 Mental Model of the Month: Commitment and Consistency Bias

✏️ How to write and what to write about by Ava Huang

🤔 Here's an interactive graph showing when the Simpsons predicted the future

💫 I've been doing a lot of reading into developing paid communities and thought I'd share a few resources: Dru Riley's Trends #0014 — Paid Communities, The New Model Media Star Is Famous Only to You by NYT, 2PM's Open Letter to Creators, How to Create an Online Community That People Will Pay For by HBR

📺 30 Companies Defining the Future of Media & Pop Culture by Trends

🕳️ "So often to achieve while black, is to also stand alone while black."

📱 Is the next coming of social products upon us or is it all just pandemic smoke?

👻 Speaking of social: Snap is low-key killing it

🥤 Houseparty was just a few years too early, an idea repeatedly lost and found, but here's an insider look on what happen

💸 Robinhood & Millennials: "It is about giving more people a feeling of access to the means that might someday rocket them into the top 1%, too."

🕹️ Products

MailThis - Send mail from your computer

Untools - Collection of thinking tools and frameworks for problem solving

Jukebox - A neural net that generates music by OpenAI

Bookshop - Support your local bookshop

Nookazon - Amazon, but for Animal Crossing

Harpoon - Time-tracking and billing

Readup - Track your reading

Distance Disco - A digital matchmaking dance party

Daily.co - API to add video chat to any app or site, in minutes

Faire - Online wholesale for stores

Got Your Back - Artsy Zoom backgrounds

🎧 Music

Gorillaz - Friday 13th ft. Octavian

N*E*R*D - Provider

Buscabulla - Vámono


Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - 1985

Pop Smoke - Make It Rain ft. Rowdy Rebel

Aminé - Riri

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🤠 Newsletter - Issue #4 - May 2020

Musings on the future of art, technology, & culture.

May 15, 2020

📰 News

💣 10 inventions, full of regret

🌱 Nature is a teacher that keeps on teaching

⛰️ From Farnam Street (and aligns with a presentation given by Ben Evans): Innovation doesn't occur in a vacuum and knowledge compounds — We're all standing on the shoulder of giants

🖱️ Figma + Spotify Design

🤳 Being an influencer in the time of recession

👔 Mapping of the 'Future of Work' startup ecosystem

💰 Podcast w/ Jason Calacanis on risk

💔 Humanizing tale on a successful, but sick startup founder from Wired

🏝️ Salesforce is creating an economy model through AI and an Animal Crossing-esque world

🐀 Banksy creating masterpieces from his toilet

📦 A look into the world of dropshipping

👺 An Illustrated Guide to Masked Wrestling by The Pudding

✊ Real stories from real people in the COVID economy

🚜 Urban, vertical farms are becoming a thing

🙄 Clubhouse, lets talk about it

📈 The GOAT, Mary Meeker, on coronavirus trends

📺 Deepfake & the future of commerical advertising

🪀 15 objects that defined 2019

🌵 Travis Scott is Gen Z hero

🍄 Midnight Gospel is the best animated series I've watched in long time

🕹️ Products

Boot Boyz Biz - Thought-provoking, reseach-inspired streetwear

Material Bank - Building material marketplace

AR Copy Paste - From real-life to your computer screen

Dilla Donuts Tee - Dilla changed my life

The Great Mental Models: General Thinking Concepts Book - By Farnam Street

Bored Solutions - Stuff to do if you're bored

A to Z of AI - Friendly primer on AI

Online Town - MMO meets Zoom

Wattpad - Sell your stories

98.css - Design system takin' it back

Synthesia - AI-edited videos

Grain - Enhance your Zoom experience

Boomer Email - Weekly email from boomers

🎧 Music

SiR - John Redcorn

Snoh Aalegra - Fool For You

Giveon - THE BEACH

MF DOOM - One Beer


Jacob Collier - All I Need

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🤠 Newsletter - Issue #3 - April 2020

Musings on the future of art, technology, & culture.

April 18, 2020

📰 News

💻 Coding and the meaning of life: This Video Has 7,665,860 Views

🌐 Our lives explained in network effects

💿 Ye, the cult leader we didn't think we needed

🍴 How much you really make owning a restaurant

💃 How platforms (and the pandemic) is changing sex work & music entertainment

📚 In the fight against cyber censorship, Reporters Without Borders built a public library in Minecraft

🤦‍♂️ TikTok doesn't want "ugly" people

🌲 Interesting research study that leveraged social media and AI to prove nature contributes to increased life satisfaction in humans

🎨 KAWS launched AR sculptures of Companion across the world — too bad we can't go outside...but here's some alternatives: Link 1 and Link 2

🧪 Here's a list of the most innovative companies of 2020 by Fast Company

🥡 The Food Delivery Wars

🏚️ Startup Idea: "Bug-Out" Bag Subscription Service + Airbnb for Survival Bunkers

🎮 Epic Games leads the way with a new publisher business model: fully-funded, full creative, 50/50 split after costs recoup

📈 Internet usage & traffic during COVID from NYT, Pew Research Center & Morning Brew

🗞️ Local publishers and media outlets are more at risk than ever

🛍️ I still don't get why social media QVC hasn't become a thing in the West...

🎲 An introduction tabletop RPGs that aren't DND

🍎 Apple Sneakers > Yeezys

🏕️ Tesla Cybertruck Camper

🕹️ Products

Roadmap - Simple project management tool

Superpeer - 1:1 video calls with experts, NSA

Jadu - Coming soon to TikTok

Around - Video calling for #WFH world

Oura - Ring wearable fresh off $28m in funding

Rosebud AI - Monetizing deepfakes, on stock photo at a time

Wegobuy - Chinese counterfeit shopping concierge

Jellyfin - Build your own open-source Spotify or Youtube

Valley Originals Co. - Your favorite SV swag

Activ8 - Virtual Youtubers

KgBase - Create knowledge graphs with 0 coding

🎧 Music

Frank Ocean - Cayendo (Side A - Acoustic)

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes - Nightrider (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

Chicano Batman - Pink Elephant

Smino - Reverend

Knxwledge - Don't Be Afraid

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🤠 Newsletter - Issue #2 - March 2020

Musings on the future of art, technology, & culture.

March 16, 2020

📰 News

📦 The Death of DTC (Link 1 & Link 2)

👁️ A perspective on the Future of Synthetic Reality by Betaworks

🔫 Mobile phones potentially linked to the decline in murder rates and gang wars

💿 CD sales still make up 78% of music revenue in Japan because of rewards

📻 Why songs are getting shorter from a financial perspective

🔬 "Imagine being able to hear exactly what’s under the hood of any piece of recorded music."

🗑️ Biggest technology failures of 2019

🤷 1 Youtube video and 6k AR glasses sold, here we are...

🤳 Wtf is a 'Content Collective'

🦠 Coronavirus' impact on businesses and visual history of pandemics

🌐 Three million students at US schools don’t have the internet at home

⛏️ The oldest companies in almost every country

📺 Balenciaga's Dystopian Newscast

🏫 Lambda School wants all the smoke

🎮 How Figma’s multiplayer technology works and other workplace collaboration startups

✈️ Spirit Airlines, the bane of of cheap air travel, deserves respect

🤑 Did you know Shopify handles $60bn in sales on its platform?

🗺️ Google Maps draws borders based on who's asking

💍 How pawn shops work

💸 #CashAppFriday me

🕹️ Products

Botnet - Social media platform simulator

Blynk - Build IoT apps

Booklets - Bite-sized learning

Scroll - A no ads future for online publishers

These Lyrics Do Not Exist - AI-generated lyrics

Armslist - Craigslist for guns

Parabola - UX + Data Tasks

Voiceflow - Build voice apps and experiences

AI Dungeon 2 - Text-based game built on OpenAI

Familiar - Deepfake a GIF

🎧 Music


Flume feat. Toro y Moi - The Difference


Kaash Paige - 64’

Rex Orange County - Pluto Projector (Live)

Thundercat - Dragonball Durag

Deb Never - Stone Cold

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🤠 Newsletter - Issue #1 - February 2020

Musings on the future of art, technology, & culture.

February 16, 2020

📰 News

🔮 Tech in 2020: Standing on the shoulder of giants by Ben Evans

☠️ A list of the 30 most evil companies

🍄 AI + Mushrooms + China

🧠 Just because an AI beat you at Starcraft, doesn't mean it's actually smarter than you

🔦 Accenture Fjord Trends 2020

👁️ Fight against manipulated media (Sponsored by Facebook)

🏠 Airbnb can predict if you're a psychopath or not

🏛 Lawmakers and activists are proposing a public Venmo to help millions of unbanked New Yorkers

💻 From 2D to 3D, new neural network frameworks enables AI to develop 3D models from 2D images

🗣 Peter Thiel's Religion by David Perrell

👀 An ex-model invented a tool that could end your ability to walk down the street anonymously

🎞 "We are now in the mature stage of a book-to-film boom that is quietly transforming how Americans read and tell stories, and not for the better."

📹 The Intellectual Property Question of TikTok Dance Videos & Viral Content

📜 “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” — Aldous Huxley

🚸 What happens when kids get AI-generated ‘Risk Scores

🔥 Bangers brought to you by Excel On Da Beat

📍 Artist trolls Google Maps with a wheelbarrow full of phones

🗣 Profile on MSCHF, originators of the Jesus Air Max 97s

🔪 I’m betting on fake cloud kitchens becoming more prevalent

💭 How does Facebook Advertising actually work?

🎮 Reasons why Gaming is the real industry we’re all after

🕹️ Products

Byte - Vine 2.0

Elliot - Sell & ship globally, faster, without coding

Memberstack - Memberships & gated content for any website

Cinelytic - AI platform built for the film and entertainment industry

Are.na - Build simple, visual collections by adding links and files of any kind

Descript - Create and edit videos and podcasts using a word processor

Quibi - Streaming content wars are not over

Next! Fitness - Gyms of the future

🎧 Music

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - C-Side


Baby Keem - Orange Soda

Dayglow - Can I Call You Tonight?

Dijon - CRYBABY :*(

Brent Faiyaz - Fuck the World (Summer in London)

Kaytranada - 10%

Brittany Howard - Stay High

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